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How to use the neria™ infusion sets

Please view our animated product guides on how to use the neria™ infusion sets.

Our troubleshooting tips and Q&A can also help you use the infusion sets in the best possible way.




Pain during insertion?

You may have hit a nerve or a muscle. Remove the infusion set and insert a new infusion set at a different site. Make sure that the site you use has sufficient fatty tissue (so you can pinch an inch of skin).

Pain when wearing the infusion set?

Check the site of the infusion set on your body. Is the infusion set inserted correctly? Is anything, for instance clothing, interfering with the infusion set or site?

Choose a different site for your infusion set and seek advice on how to insert the infusion set correctly. Consider choosing another catheter material and/or catheter length.

Has the adhesive become loose?

Remove the infusion set and insert a new one at a different site.
Remember to massage the adhesive onto the skin.
Reasons for why the adhesive is not sticking:
- Excessive sweating, for instance during sports
- Warm and humid environments and hot summer weather
- Increased activity levels
- Insertion site may be oily, have perfume or lotion or is not dry and clean.

Site irritation?

Many factors can influence the condition of your skin. To minimize skin complications, consider:
- cleaning the skin and hands more thoroughly prior to insertion
- using more areas for insertion, for instance the lower back and thighs
- using a rotation pattern to avoid re-using the same site
- avoiding sites that already have site irritation or nodules
- using a site that does not interfere with clothing, belts etc.
- massaging the infusion site prior to insertion
- changing catheter material (from steel to soft), length or insertion technique.

Difficulty inserting the needle or cannula correctly?

Use an insertion pad to practice the insertion technique and get familiar with the product before use.
Watch the introduction videos found above.
Consider using an infusion set with automatic aid for insertion, for instance the neria™ guard

Difficulty removing the set from the body?

Gently lift the adhesive around the edges and pull the needle or cannula straight out. Be careful not to bend the needle.

Recommended insertion sites

Insertion sites