New to SubCutaneous ImmunoGlobulin (SCIG)?

If your doctor has decided you are suitable for the SCIG treatment, learning a new routine at home will give you more flexibility and comfort. When talking to your doctor, it is good to prepare any questions and concerns you may have in advance to help you feel more comfortable with your new treatment set-up.

Before doing the infusion at home alone, you must have sufficient training from your healthcare professional to ensure you feel familiar with the procedure.

Some of the most common issues when starting SCIG treatment are redness, swelling and itching around insertion areas. However, these issues are usually mild and go away after a couple of days. Reactions are generally worse with the first infusions and get better over time.

Some simple advice to help you minimize challenges with SCIG treatment.


  • Reducing the infusion speed or using several sites for the infusion. This reduces the total amount of immunoglobulin infused per site.
  • Using a different needle length.
  • Using a soft cannula infusion set instead of steel needle.
  • Using an automatic insertion device that helps place the cannula correctly in the skin.
  • Using an infusion set with an integrated skin friendly adhesive.

NB! Always discuss these recommendations and any changes in your treatment regime with your doctor or healthcare professional prior to initiation.

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User Experience with neria™ guard

Report from patient and nurse about using the neria™ guard infusion set for subcutaneous immunoglobulin treatment.

24 Nov. 2017 

Comments from patient Eva-Lotta, Sweden

"After trials of various infusion sets, I decided to use neria™ guard. Not having a needle left in situ felt less painful and more safe. It was easier to insert compared to other sets which is an advantage when travelling. It feels easy to carry both the pump and infusion set with a soft cannula and I am less constrained with a small pump and a needle that does not hurt."

Comments from nurse Erna Samuelsson, Infection nurse. Hallands Hospital, Sweden.

"Eva Lotta felt that steel needles were painful to insert. We initially tested other infusion sets, both with steel and soft cannula, but neria™ guard showed the best results in adherence to the body. Both my patient and I are very satisfied with neria™ guard."



Tips for your infusion set management

Tips for healthy skin:

  1. Follow general hygiene recommendations and wash your hands before changing your infusion sets.

  2. Clean the skin area and make sure it is dry and free of any skin irritation.

  3. Change your infusion as per drug indication and according to recommendations from your healthcare professional.

  4. Use the number of sites and areas for insertion as recommended by your healthcare professional.

  5. Check your infusion site frequently and ensure everything looks okay, that the adhesive is sticking well and that there is no drug leakage at the sites.

  6. Do not use a site that is red or irritated.

  7. Follow a site rotation pattern if recommended by your healthcare professional.


Tips for travelling

  • Carry your infusion sets in your hand luggage in case your luggage is delayed or missing.
  • Remember to carry spare infusion sets for your holidays.
  • Consider taking extra adhesive patches if travelling to very hot and humid environments.



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Are you or your child challenged by infusion set usage?

Do you find it challenging to change your infusion set, have difficulty remembering how to insert the cannula correctly, and does the needle make you anxious or nervous?

Consider the following:

  • An infusion set with fewer insertion steps is easier to remember and quicker to insert.1,2

  • A soft cannula infusion set leaves only the soft cannula in the skin.  This may be more comfortable to wear and does not scratch the skin when removed.

  • An infusion set with an automatic insertion aid ”hides” the needle and supports correct insertion technique.

1. D020-000144 Summative Usability Test Report, August 2017, Data on file, Unomedical a/s., 2. User preceptions and preferences using the neria guard infusion set compared with conventional infusion sets indicated for the treatment of Pain, Parkinsons Disease, primary immune deficiencies, Thalassaemia and mild/ moderate rehydration (Hypodermoclysis), April 2019, Data on file, Unomedical a/s.