Living with Parkinson's Disease

Learn about infusion set management and get tips and advice for everyday challenges.

  • Steve explains how he manages his Parkinson's disease
  • Tips for travelling
  • Tips for living an active life
  • Tips for healthy skin
  • Challenged by infusion set usage?
  • Read our user story

Family On The Beach



neria guard nurse patient

Training & Education

Find relevant material on neria™ infusion sets and learn:

  • How to choose the right infusion set - Product Finder
  • How to use the infusion sets or teach somebody else how to use them
  • Troubleshooting




Parkinson's Disease & neria™ Infusion Sets

Our neria™ infusion sets are widely used together with infusion pumps to help treat Parkinson’s disease. In this section, find out more about neria™ products and find relevant information about their use in Parkinson’s disease:

  • Disease introduction
  • The neria™ product range
  • Resources


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