The neria™ Infusion Set Product Range

Our neria™ infusion sets are designed for subcutaneous drug delivery and are tested and approved for subcutaneous drug infusion in the treatment of diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Thalassaemia, Primary Immune Deficiency, and Pain Management.

The neria™ infusion set range has a number of different features that offer individual choices for the user, depending on their treatment set-up and patient preference.

All neria™ infusion sets offer:

  • Thin needle design to help minimize pain during insertion.1,2
  • A skin friendly3 self-adhesive pad, making extra adhesive unnecessary.
  • Strong double layer tubing that helps secure constant drug flow.
  • Low tubing prime volume due to double layer small bore tubing. This helps to minimize drug wastage.1
  • A needle safety system on neria™ guard and neria™ soft 90 to help reduce needle stick injuries.
  • Tubing disconnect on most products to support patient freedom.
  • Standard luer-lock connection.

For more information, please download our brochure below or contact us directly. 

1. Chan G.C.F., NgD.M.W. Et al, comparison of Subcutaneous Infusion needles for Transfusion-Dependant Thalasseamia Patients by the Intrapersonal Cross-Over Assessment Model, Am.J. Hematol, 76;398-404, 2. Parsons J., Infusion Line prefernces of patients prescribed apomorphine for complex Parkinson’s disease. British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing. December 2009, Vol 5 No 12, 3. Biological Safety Testing, October 2011, Data on File, Unomedical a/s.

The neria™ Infusion Set Overview

For a complete overview of our neria™ infusion set range, including specifications, please see the table below. The table is also available as a pdf download.

Product Specifications neria™ neria™ detach neria™ multi neria™ soft neria™ soft 90 neria™ guard
Cannula Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Soft Soft Soft
Insertion angle 90 degrees 90 degrees 90 degrees 20-45 degrees 90 degrees 90 degrees
Disconnection feature No Yes No Yes at site Yes at site Yes at site
Needle / Introducer needle guage G27 or G29 G27 G27 G27 G27 G27
Needle lengths 6, 8, 10 or 12 mm 6,8 or 10mm Bi-furcated: 8, 10mm
Tri-furcated: 8, 10 or 12mm
Quad-furcated: 8, 10, 12mm
13 or 17mm 6 or 9 mm 6 or 9 mm
Tubing lengths 60, 80, 110 cm 60, 80, 110 cm Total 90 cm 30, 60, 80, 110 cm 30, 60, 110 cm 12, 60, 80, 110 cm
Adhesive Built-in Built-in Built-in Built-in Built-in Built-in
Needle safety - - - - Yes Yes
Priming volumes 60 cm @ 0.10 ml
80 cm @ 0.12 ml
110 cm @ 0.15 ml
60 cm @ 0.10 ml
80 cm @ 0.12 ml
110 cm @ 0.15 ml
Bi-furcated ~ 0.36 ml
Tri-furcated ~ 0.43 ml
Quad-furcated ~ 0.51 ml
30 cm @ 0.06 ml
60 cm @ 0.10 ml

80 cm @ 0.12 ml
110 cm @ 0.15 ml
30 cm @ 0.06 ml
60 cm @ 0.10 ml

110 cm @ 0.15 ml
12 cm @ 0.04 ml
60 cm @ 0.10 ml

80 cm @ 0.12 ml
110 cm @ 0.15 ml

The neria™ Infusion Sets

To find out more about the neria™ infusion sets please use the below links.




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