New to subcutaneous chelation therapy?

As a new patient, it is important to get familiar with your new routine. When seeing your doctor, it is good to prepare any questions and concerns you might have to help you feel more comfortable with your new treatment set-up.

Before doing the infusion alone at home, you must have sufficient training from your healthcare professional to ensure you feel comfortable with the procedure.

Some of the issues you should discuss with your healthcare professional:

  • Which product is right for me (cannula/needle length and tubing length)? 
  • Should I choose a soft cannula instead of a needle infusion set?
  • Which infusion sites should I use and how should I rotate the sites?
  • Would an automatic insertion device that supports the correct placement of the cannula in the skin be beneficial for me?

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Tips for travelling

- Carry your infusion sets in your hand luggage in case your luggage is delayed or missing.

- Remember to carry spare infusion sets for your holidays.

- If you use infusion sets while you are awake, consider using an infusion set with a disconnect option at site. This will give you more flexibility for your daily activities.




Tips for healthy skin

  1. Follow general hygiene recommendations and wash your hands prior to changing your infusion sets.
  2. Clean the skin area and make sure it is dry and free of any skin irritation.
  3. Change your infusion set as per drug indication and according to your healthcare professional recommendations.
  4. Use a rotation pattern. This helps you remember to use a different place on your body for each infusion set, supports skin healing and minimizes any skin reactions.
  5. Check your infusion site frequently to ensure everything looks okay, that the adhesive is sticking well and that there is no redness or irritation around the site

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