neria™ multi infusion set


The neria™ multi has 2, 3 or 4 needles - ensuring flow at all sites. Features include:

  • Minifold that ensures an even distribution of drug at all insertions sites*.
  • Flat and discreet housing design.
  • ”Wings” to aid easy grip and insertion.
  • Large volume infusion distributed at multiple sites.
  • Available with 2, 3 or 4 needles.






* Multi pressure flow test. RD 2010-03, 14-02-2012. Data on File. Unomedical a/s

neria™ multi bi-furcated
neria multi - bi-furcated neria multi - tri-furcated neria multi - quad-furcated

Please always discuss with your healthcare professional which infusion set options are best for you. 

When trying a new infusion set for the first time, do so in the presence of a healthcare professional.



neria™ multi video guide

How to use neria™ multi

Learn how to use the neria™ multi infusion set with 2 needles in this quick video.

The neria™ multi with 3 or 4 needles works in the same way.





Request a Sample

Request your personal sample of the neria™ multi infusion set or find the local contact in your country.


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